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Explore our collection of top-rated project management and consulting books. Enhance your skills and knowledge with our blog, templates and checklists, where we tell and teach you a lot about the consulting secrets and methodologies.

Project Management Book Start a project a step-by-step guide for beginners and professionals

Soon available on Amazon

Our approach and benefits


Free templates for MS PowerPoint, MS Word or as PDF for project management and consulting topics


Many consulting methodologies:

effective and efficient


Many checklists for the topics project management, innovation management and consulting

About us

Many former consultants from top-tier and boutique consultancies show you their secrets. Enhance your skills and knowledge togehter with us and learn the consulting secrets.

Benefits Consulting-University

Professionalize your work, develop yourself and save a lot of time, by using our methodologies, templates and checklists.

Benefits from our methodologies


Present yourself professionally

and impress your boss, colleagues and customers

Save Time

Save a lot of your time

by using our proven templates,

checklists and methods

Tried & Tested

Anticipate challenges and risks
with methodologies and templates from real consultants

Do you know such situations
from work?

Your boss approaches you with a new project because you mentioned during the annual appraisal that you want to take on more responsibility. After all, you want to be promoted soon.


And now? Where and how to do you start?


Further, you are informed that one of the board members will be a sponsor on the steering committee of the project.


Or the following situation


You lead a project as a project manager. Everything is going well so far and then:

12 weeks delay and you are the last to know?!


And now? What will you do?


We have been in exactly such situations as project managers. That's why we have created the Consulting-University. We want  to help you with these challenges:

  • So that you learn to prepare a project properly. No matter who is involved in the project.

  • So that you react correctly in projects. No matter what problems arise.

  • So that you learn new methods and think outside the box.

  • To make you a better project manager.

  • So that you can ensure your project success and your promotion.


But we will take you one step further: We explain many of the methods used by consultants and how you can use them in your work. Our templates and checklists will support you in implementing these methods in your daily work in a time-saving manner.


"Work smarter, not harder"

Approach of the Consulting-University

Tried & Tested: Used and tested up to C-Level and Top Management

Time Saving: Many free templates and checklists to download

High Quality: Over 10 years of experience as a consultant

Look at our books

Project Management Risk Management Consulting Innovation Management

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